How much time have you spent searching for a file, trying to figure out who has the file and, upon finding the file, realizing the document or information you were looking for isn’t there? By implementing a “less paper” system, all documents (including information such as addresses, phone numbers and documents from outside the firm) can be readily available at the Push of One Button.  At Push One Button, we believe that it is impractical to think a law firm can go “paper-less.”  That’s why we advocate the “less paper” route.

In today’s highly technical environment, most “documents” are created digitally. Managing the flow of incoming documents digitally will enable your firm to save money on the real estate required to store those paper documents and will allow you and your staff to increase the speed at which you find and access your documents.

Imagine going to mediation, court or a deposition and the only box you take is the one housing your laptop or iPad. Managing your digital documents combined with scanning of hard copy documents you receive from outside your firm, integrated with your in-house document management system, will allow you instant access to client files and related information with the “push of one button.”

A “less-paper” office isn’t just for the big guys. In fact, the smaller your office, the easier and less costly it is to begin implementation of a less paper environment.